Wednesday, March 26, 2008

--Giving Back--

My mission when I created this blog was that starting Spring Quarter I will post once a week about what I'm learning in class and such.

Obviously, as this is week 3 of the quarter-- I'm not up to a good start. >.<
"You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want"
For those who know me, they merely see me as the crazy girl who seems to be everywhere volunteering time that could be used for studying to help out. However, I assure people there is method to my madness--my proof is in the quote given in class shown above.

I understand that this concept was shown as a principle to Professional Selling in class. That it is in reference getting oneself out there. Basically if you believe in your product and you know it will help others then you will get those sales after going out on a limb for them. I see this as also relating slightly to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)--getting involved in the community or being shown as being environmentally friendly can really help companies looking to improve their image. They technically "get what they want" (business) by helping others get what they want.

Time and time again my theory of putting yourself out there and helping others always gives back ten-fold.

I'll stay awake till the wee hours of the morning of Orientation--but down the road I've got a certificate that is practically complete from the leadership institute, an experience of a life time under my belt, 28 new students who know who I am, and the ever sought-after ability to think under pressure and about 4 hours of sleep.

Going that extra mile can sometimes be exactly what you need to get what you want.

So my challenge to who ever is reading this,go that extra mile and spend that extra hour doing something someone else needs (tutoring, proof reading, stage managing) and see if later on (remember this can be WAAAAYYY down the road) if it helped you in anyway.

To me, in the end, no matter what activity, at least appreciate the new perspective you get on a group, organization or person after spending that extra time.

--signing off for now--


Strlady said...

Very Thought provoking! It speaks to volunteerism and the fact that there is never enough 'free' hands to give back to the community!

Jessica said...

I know "thirty somethings" that still haven't figured this out!!! A lesson well learned! :o) XOXO

Pumpkin Patch Primitives said...

Who knew there were so many musings in that cute little head? I am just hoping that all the diapers I changed will translate into a Top of The Line nursing home when my dance card is full! LOL! Love ya!


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