Sunday, July 26, 2009

Projects :D

I woke up super early and have gotten this far. :)

Incredibly, I've also been quilting (now that I can abscond my mother's elna sewing machine regularly). This is my current project, a super "pint-sized wild thing" quilt from Camille Roskelley's collection. They're 4inch blocks--super hard to get together and sew. I'm in a rush to finish this one so I can get onto my surprise project for HTB! Gotta get it done before I go to Rochester to see him!!

Now I'm off to find some delicious-ness from my fridge, we went to Central Market in South Lake and the thought of fresh produce in my fridge is making me drool. Now if only I could make up my damn mind!!!!

I promise I'll be posting much more often! The Craziness is FINALLY dying down.

Hallelujah!! :D

--signing off for now--


PS: Drop by my Aunt's blog to check out her awesome give away! it's a super cute and simple quilt kit.

Monday, July 13, 2009

So... *saunters back in**whistles* it's been a while, ne?

I'm so sorry for dropping the ball on my blog. I got home from PR only to go running around like a crazy woman with interviews, driving stuff, grandparents, and a trip to boston. (crazy huh?)

However, how better to kick off my new design and a renewed desire to post than with some awesome news?

I am an official employee of Nordstrom!

There is a new store, Nordstrom:The Rack, opening in Southlake on August 21!

So I've been brushing up on my fashion and accessory knowledge, and getting my paperwork done the past few days.

I just got back from an awesome weekend in my hubby-to-be (HTB-for short).

isn't he cute? This is an old picture from Spring, but I like it a lot. :)

I flew down to Logan for a quick two day trip about 2 Friday's ago. Friday was a trip to Boston for a visit to the MFA, Faneuil Hall and a view of the tall ships in the harbor. Then on Saturday it was a Nolette Family trip to New Bedford for a look at the Whaling Museum and the Forts that were on the coast (I'm a sucker for Museum trips, can't ya tell?).

I got home late on Sunday only to hit the floor running yet again. Although it's been pretty successful! I've gone to a few training sessions, worked 2 days at the Nordstrom at the North East Mall (pay check happiness), and *drumroll please*


Freedom could not have come any sooner since I start work this Wednesday officially at The Rack in South Lake. I went and got gas for my car this morning as well as a bucket of paint for my room. (my next post will have pictures--I don't know why my computer won't upload it)

Expect a second posting today!! :) with pictures and some more goodness. I'm having some formatting issues and think if I start a new post it'll be resolved.

--signing off for now--


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