Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Think I'll Keep Him

My personal countdown has begun, T-minus 3 weeks to go, is D-day.  (D-day=daunting drive across the country).

As I am planning this I can help but feel really lucky to have not only the support of my family and their never ending string of good advice during this move (yes, I won't pack all my books in one big box, I know not to be stingy when I buy my first mattress and that futons may not be the answer). I can't forget that my co-conspirator in this journey is pretty awesome-------and can drive long distances with little stops.  

Beyond my personal planning (ie: packing my junk).  I'm also working with HTB on all the logistics of the move itself. He is a schedule guy and I'm a list person, so you can imagine that while I'm creating lists of things that need to be done he's behind me with the same question--"when are we supposed to have that done".

In a way it's a great partnership but my list making tendencies know no bounds--(ie: time frames).  But I've been kept in check with realistic time frames. I originally put furniture shopping, unpacking, grocery shopping  and opening joint bank accounts on "things that need to be done the weekend we arrive" I received silence on the other end of the phone when I initially proposed this with a heavy sigh afterwards. 

This trip is gonna be an exciting one and I'm so happy to be doing this with him-----did I mention he drives long distances with little stops?

Just wanted to take a chance to share how planning is going on the moving side of things, and share a pic I found of HTB and I 
ok and maybe gush a bit about how awesome HTB is. 

what do you think?  I'm pretty lucky huh? I think I'll keep him. :)

--feeling lovey dovey--

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Quick Report--Friday Night Sew-in

I've got work today. So I'll have to post about Friday Night Sew-In after I get out (or around lunch time) take a look though! I definately sat infront of my machine! *whoop!*

-Sad she's at work on a Saturday--

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

***the following post was done at the last 5 minutes of my lunch hour at work--please read at your own risk!--this has been a public service announcement for the readers of DEFENESTRATE***

(flee! I tell you, flee!)

I have been so busy! here's a quick list of my life for the past week or so.

I bought boxes to start packing up my junk. (I leave August 18th--it's only 3 weeks away!)
I sewed on most of the border on the Green Monstah--only 2 more strips to go!
Dropped off clothing with the tailor (2 dresses and 1 pair of soon to be capri pants)
called venues--only to discover that none of the ones on my short list are not available on the date I have
Called dress boutique--only to discover that the dress shop that will be local to be does not have the dress I want (even if it doesn't have the dress)
Started calling dress boutiques in dallas to try and find the dress--incidentally scheduled approximately 2 appointments (one of them doesn't even have my dress)
Started sewing a dress (because I need to learn before I leave)
Hosted 2 Mercado quilting clan classes (AKA I'n trying to learn as much from my mother as possible)--I can now sew hexagons and know the basics to cutting and reading patterns.
Started Packing... (2 boxes packed and my room is still full)

I decided that I need to finish starting stuff and finish it for a change!!! So I've joined the band wagon--

My mother just joined so we'll make a night out of it. :)

tonight--I will finish my green monstah, and the dress that I have started.

-green monstah-piecing
-ugly fabric challenge (plume)-piecing
-school yard tunic-piecing
-stash buster-binding
-pineapple table runner-label

I  am determined to cut that list in half before I leave!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Completed projects!

errr.....almost completed projects.

Last night I put the final stitch in my Wild Things from Oz quilt and tossed it in the wash to shrink and be happy. :D

It's beautiful. I love it. I curled up on top of it I was so excited it was done!! The red binding was exactly what it needed. 

Here's the view of the pieced backing. 

Those swirls look so great on the black fabric!!

So this morning, straight from my bed I started getting ready for the finishing touches for the green monster quilt I am working on. 

I had a whole bunch of green fabric just sitting around without a home. So I decided to adventure off into Wonky-territory and made myself wonky 9-patch blocks.  Now, my green pile is still significantly larger than all other colors in my stash--but it's a whole lot less. Here's what I have done so far. 

This quilt, sans border and binding, is 70.25X88.25--isn't that ridiculous!? I never EVER thought this quilt would end up this large! I worked on it in pieces so I never realized how big it was until I sewed it all together. 

I spent a lot of my afternoon ironing this quilt, in short......

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this but I absolutely HATE ironing. So doing this quilt on the small ironing board was a challenge and a half! My arm was sore after doing JUST the back seams. 

So you can appreciate how big of an undertaking this quilt has been post construction allow me to compare this Green Monstah, to my Wild Things. 

It makes my Wild Things quilt look like a baby quilt!!! It's so friggin HUGE! This is without borders or anything!!

I just finished piecing the border and now am about to put it all together. >.<

--dreading the Green Monstah--

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