Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Think I'll Keep Him

My personal countdown has begun, T-minus 3 weeks to go, is D-day.  (D-day=daunting drive across the country).

As I am planning this I can help but feel really lucky to have not only the support of my family and their never ending string of good advice during this move (yes, I won't pack all my books in one big box, I know not to be stingy when I buy my first mattress and that futons may not be the answer). I can't forget that my co-conspirator in this journey is pretty awesome-------and can drive long distances with little stops.  

Beyond my personal planning (ie: packing my junk).  I'm also working with HTB on all the logistics of the move itself. He is a schedule guy and I'm a list person, so you can imagine that while I'm creating lists of things that need to be done he's behind me with the same question--"when are we supposed to have that done".

In a way it's a great partnership but my list making tendencies know no bounds--(ie: time frames).  But I've been kept in check with realistic time frames. I originally put furniture shopping, unpacking, grocery shopping  and opening joint bank accounts on "things that need to be done the weekend we arrive" I received silence on the other end of the phone when I initially proposed this with a heavy sigh afterwards. 

This trip is gonna be an exciting one and I'm so happy to be doing this with him-----did I mention he drives long distances with little stops?

Just wanted to take a chance to share how planning is going on the moving side of things, and share a pic I found of HTB and I 
ok and maybe gush a bit about how awesome HTB is. 

what do you think?  I'm pretty lucky huh? I think I'll keep him. :)

--feeling lovey dovey--


Jess said...

I'm happy to know that all that good advice has not been ignored) you’ve been listening!! You're SO GOOD!!!

rjn0910 said...

Aww. You're the best saw ever


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