Sunday, July 4, 2010

Completed projects!

errr.....almost completed projects.

Last night I put the final stitch in my Wild Things from Oz quilt and tossed it in the wash to shrink and be happy. :D

It's beautiful. I love it. I curled up on top of it I was so excited it was done!! The red binding was exactly what it needed. 

Here's the view of the pieced backing. 

Those swirls look so great on the black fabric!!

So this morning, straight from my bed I started getting ready for the finishing touches for the green monster quilt I am working on. 

I had a whole bunch of green fabric just sitting around without a home. So I decided to adventure off into Wonky-territory and made myself wonky 9-patch blocks.  Now, my green pile is still significantly larger than all other colors in my stash--but it's a whole lot less. Here's what I have done so far. 

This quilt, sans border and binding, is 70.25X88.25--isn't that ridiculous!? I never EVER thought this quilt would end up this large! I worked on it in pieces so I never realized how big it was until I sewed it all together. 

I spent a lot of my afternoon ironing this quilt, in short......

I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this but I absolutely HATE ironing. So doing this quilt on the small ironing board was a challenge and a half! My arm was sore after doing JUST the back seams. 

So you can appreciate how big of an undertaking this quilt has been post construction allow me to compare this Green Monstah, to my Wild Things. 

It makes my Wild Things quilt look like a baby quilt!!! It's so friggin HUGE! This is without borders or anything!!

I just finished piecing the border and now am about to put it all together. >.<

--dreading the Green Monstah--

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Brenda said...

I will say it, I just have to...It can use one more row of patches, just one more so it will drape off the sides of a queen size bed and be big enough for TWO to snuggle under it without anyone's butt hanging there, I said it, LOL! I love it and it will be gorgeouse!!! Now use the rest of the stash to make tow gorgeous pillow shanms and two matching pillow cases...and then head out to buy more green fabric, woo-hoo!


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