Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Night Sew-In

***the following post was done at the last 5 minutes of my lunch hour at work--please read at your own risk!--this has been a public service announcement for the readers of DEFENESTRATE***

(flee! I tell you, flee!)

I have been so busy! here's a quick list of my life for the past week or so.

I bought boxes to start packing up my junk. (I leave August 18th--it's only 3 weeks away!)
I sewed on most of the border on the Green Monstah--only 2 more strips to go!
Dropped off clothing with the tailor (2 dresses and 1 pair of soon to be capri pants)
called venues--only to discover that none of the ones on my short list are not available on the date I have
Called dress boutique--only to discover that the dress shop that will be local to be does not have the dress I want (even if it doesn't have the dress)
Started calling dress boutiques in dallas to try and find the dress--incidentally scheduled approximately 2 appointments (one of them doesn't even have my dress)
Started sewing a dress (because I need to learn before I leave)
Hosted 2 Mercado quilting clan classes (AKA I'n trying to learn as much from my mother as possible)--I can now sew hexagons and know the basics to cutting and reading patterns.
Started Packing... (2 boxes packed and my room is still full)

I decided that I need to finish starting stuff and finish it for a change!!! So I've joined the band wagon--

My mother just joined so we'll make a night out of it. :)

tonight--I will finish my green monstah, and the dress that I have started.

-green monstah-piecing
-ugly fabric challenge (plume)-piecing
-school yard tunic-piecing
-stash buster-binding
-pineapple table runner-label

I  am determined to cut that list in half before I leave!!

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