Thursday, June 4, 2009

The End of a Chapter

As you can see from the picture above--you guessed it! I graduated last week (with honors, thank you very much). It was so great to finally reach an endpoint I've been working towards for four years. Even better, I got to celebrate it with my whole family (we're a pretty big group aren't we?). It's pretty great to have such an awesome support system. My grandmother of my father's side couldn't make it because she was not feeling well (but I surprised her by heading to PR right after graduation)

I can't believe how much I've accomplished in the past four years!! When I came to college I was determined to take advantage of every opportunity that came my way and I would make the best of this time. I can proudly say that while it was tiresome--my time in college was fun and taught me more than textbooks could ever. :)

I'm currently in Puerto Rico getting some much needed R&R, and perfecting then sending out my resume.

I'm currently waiting for a call from the National Staff of Phi Sigma Pi (I applied to be a Regional Consultant). I hope I get it! I believe that if you are passionate about a job, no matter how inexperienced you might be, you'll learn along the way and possibly, make a difference.

I should be back in Texas by the 23rd and then I'll really kick start the job searching and studying for GMATs.

--signing off for now--


Brenda said...

I'm so proud of you, and I miss you! XXO

rjn0910 said...

Spell check your resume!!!


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