Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Must Make one of these!!!!!!

So in the arena of Quilting I have been a busy bee!! Not necessarily as busy as my mother however, I've been making a good solid dent on my "quilts-to-make-before-I-get-married" list.

This is my most recent "finished top", I just got the flannel backing for it from my favorite pumpkin patch. I should be done in the next two weeks or so--depending on how my current project is going.

This is my current project on the design wall my mom made. It involves a whole lot more piecing than the first one but I think that using the indigo, pewter and honey line I got from the houston quilt festival with a few more blue fabrics will look great.

Here's the picture in the book

(I inverted it sideways so it matches the designwall above)

However, the reason I have posted today is not for a quilt update. it's for these suckers!!!

 I know a certain person in my life would love to find one of these on her doorstep. Oh heck....and I might just make one for myself too--My own pin cushion. :D I love how they look all stacked up!!! You can find the instructions on how to make them HERE. Thanks design*sponge for the great find.

--off to do more productive things other than sewing--


Brenda said...

I so love those stacking pumpkins, hello! Flannels??? Love it!
Your quilts are looking good. They're so BIG! I can't wait to see them up close when I go. B=)

Brenda said...

Still waiting on an update here...LOL!

Nora said...

Andrea, I am vastly jealous of your mad quilting skillz. Seriously, I'm turning green here. (I'm also jealous that you have an aunt to get quilting flannels from, but thats beside the point.) I love love love love (!) the topmost pictured quilt. The simplicity of it lends and elegance all its own, and your colors are (as always [stare/glare] impeccable.
i hope you're doing well!


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