Friday, September 24, 2010

So Much Has Happened!!!!!

You are currently looking at the future reception site of my wedding next year! :) Planning has gotten into full swing here. There's been lots of sitting down and looking at HTB and getting the information that really matters.
like wedding colors.

The move into our new town home was painful but successful and since we've settled life has been non-stop.

(don't judge the hair! I was sick at the time!)

My first weekend in New Hampshire was filled with doctor appointments and hacking my lungs out--this sucked exceptionally so because it was my birthday weekend. I was deemed contagious for a while when they didn't know what I had and gave me surgical masks. HTB called me a ninja for a week.

(be jealous of my awesome seats)

The weekend after that HTB and I celebrated my birthday belatedly and our anniversary. This resulted in one of the best weekends ever. I went to my first Red Sox Game, toured the Sam Adams brewery, and spent the night in boston close to Faneuil Hall. XD

Weekends following that I've been running around getting those things for the house that you never thought you needed and researching some wedding venues.
In short I have not had me time to do anything artsy crafty. D:

Last weekend and this weekend will be no different. DM is in town so I'm having a great time trying on wedding dresses and watching season premiers of fall shows (ie: Glee and Grey's Anatomy)

This weekend is pretty awesome since I'll be driving down to New York and going to *drumroll* Kleinfelds!!! Getting out of work early today and trying to get the NYC early so I can have dinner with my cousin, Sydle. I haven't seen her in a reeeeaaallly long time--so I hope everything works out!!

--wondering why her change oil light is still on--

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Strlady said...

Poor baby! You look a bit run down so I'm happy you got over that one!


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