Sunday, April 26, 2009

5 things I could not do without....

So, I see this 5 thing application on facebook but I decided to bring it to my lovely blog instead. (I'm a facebook purist--no applications on my profile, please)

So here it goes:

1. My Agenda--Moleskine Agenda:

There is not a time where I am not carrying my trusty agenda. It has this fabulous pouch where I just dump ridiculous amounts of stuff. the Left side has no free space since I write lists for my lists and the calendar side (the right) looks like ink vomitted on it with all the different colors indicating due dates and assignments.


In lieu of discussing I can't mention these suckers. they're stuck everywhere. I have two packs in my aforementioned agenda. I give them to people with assignments, numbers, love notes and smileys.

my job search would not be possible without postit notes. I write the date, person, phone numbers, and any important info then stick it to my agenda for future reference.

I'll write notes to my future self and place it on the week that I need to tell myself that.


My Crackber--I mean, Black Berry Storm

So, Ryan for valentines day got me this sucker. Now, fully equiped with a data plan, I am a crackberry addict.

My email, calendar, contacts, music (8gB) and twitter is accessible through this. >.<

You're not seeing double. I also have an Ipod Touch. While my BB is fab with all the business side of my life my Ipod satisfies the geek in me.

The games I play on this are innumerable and with the new genius application that they do isawesome for lazy playlist makers like me.

My brothers have them to so we have a running score of various games that we play and see who is better at it. Not to mention that when my bb acts up or dies (I forget to charge it a lot) I can still rely on my Ipod to send out emails, check my schedule and write notes.

5. Google Applications: You name it I've used it at least once. I would be incredibly lost with out my gmail, igoogle, google reader, google docs, google get the point right?

--signing off for now--

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