Monday, April 6, 2009

Proof that Rochester has broken the weather...

So, besides the fact that it was a beautiful day on Saturday and we're now on a winter weather advisory. I would like to say that it is fairly evident that Rochester's chaotic weather forecast has finally broken my igoogle weather widget. 

How you ask do I know that?

Because according to said widget, for the past 3 days, the end of the world it occuring! This is what I see!!

There is no way I would be going outside if it was 999mph winds between me and my classes. 

Last week was ridiculous and the closer I get to graduation the higher my blood pressure seems to get. 

On the plus side? I rocked my two tests from last week! How about these for 2 awesome numbers!!

102 score on my Data Analysis II exam
95 score on my Human Diseases Exam


Also, Consolidated Graphics, e-mailed me for a second interview as well as a plant tour! If hired, *crossing fingers* I would be working in Rochester at Tucker Printers. I would be a part of their leadership development program. 

I'm meeting them tomorrow--so we'll see how everything goes. :)

--signing off for now--

1 comment:

Strlady said...

Good luck on your interview tomorrow. Sending you positive vibes so that the rewards of your hard work continue to flow in - because it's not luck when you work so hard for your achievements!


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