Tuesday, March 31, 2009

sorry for the crappy lack of posting lately, graduation is coming up and I've been battling senioritis since last quarter (Gotta keep myself focused on the final goal).

I decided I'd attempt to make a comeback by letting you know about my life so far--I use my igoogle image above to share with you some important numbers.

165- number of companies at the career fair last week.
121-the number of unread messages in my inbox (mostly spam--but there's important stuff in their too!) My new phone has a data plan so I read stuff from there--> this equates to a very VERY full inbox.
52-days till I graduate (this includes weekends!!)
52+- number of things I have to do before graduation
43- number of Rushes that I had become candidates since I've been rush advisor. (GO ME!)
22- number of resumes I gave out at last week's job fair.
20 degrees +- the regular difference between the temperature outside and and the temperature in Puerto Rico and Roanoke, TX. :( It was snowing yesterday.
18- credits that I'm taking this quarter.
13- number of Rushes that became Candidates this quarter.
8- number of hours I lost when NOVA Academy ended.
4- number of hours I currently can work in the office.
3.4- GPA in order to graduate with honors
3.35-my current GPA
3- number of job opportunities I have to follow up with this week.
2- the amount of classes I'm retaking to get rid of C's (see numbers above for reason)
2--the number of agenda's I've gone through since Christmas Vacation (I lost and then found my original one)
0- number of job offers after I graduate. (Oh wait! I lied, it's 1--I was offered to work for Summer's NOVA Academy--1 week of work--if I was in the area.)

So, I'm off to drown my sorrows in the Tandoor event tonight with some PSP brothers and then I have to study--why?

because I have 2 Tests this week, 2 business simulation decisions, 1 Kanji Quiz, 1 marketing report, 1 review packet, 1 Venture group situation analysis and 1 lab writeup to do before the weeks end! :)

keeping myself busy!

--signing off for now--

ps: look at this beautiful surprise that I got at my doorstep yesterday! Thanks T-Brenda


Brenda said...

Now you have TWO job offers! Pumpkin Patch Primitives is hiring Data entry, part time! The pay is competitive but the benefits are priceless! =)

Strlady said...

You're out of hybernation! Yeah!

Hey, I would take T-Brenda's offer. You could probably work remotely! LOL!

50 days before you come home (I hope)


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