Saturday, January 24, 2009

What I hate most about winter...

So after 2 years of living in my apartment, I have determined what I abhor from the season...of course this is beyond the cold, wet, windy climate that graces Rochester. It's my enterance way...This is the condition of if after 3 days (it was cleaned before that). This is also after a preliminary sweep with our broom. 

3 swiffer wipes and another sweep later---

I have my beautiful entrance way back--sad thing is, two days later and it looks like my first picture again. :(


Strlady said...

I'm so sorry. That is REALLY bad! Sending you Warm thoughts from home. I<3 u!!!

Brenda said...

I feel you pain...I'm turning into a Eskimo too! And my floor looks just like yours! It's the salt. Either you slip and fall or throw down the salt that makes your floor sticky and white, YUK!


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