Wednesday, January 7, 2009

*crickets chirp*


I'm sorry for my disappearing act. I've been so freaking busy since my Week 2 post that I really have not even had an opportunity to breathe until now (I'm in the middle of my Business Government and Society class break)

Here's upcoming posts--

Grad School Update (uuuggggghhhh)
Christmas Presents inventory (It rocked btw)
The Enduring question we always ask....Aliens vs. Vampires
My Google obsession

However, you will have to wait until a little later in the week.

Now I'm off to

Biz Gov't Mini Paper writing (fun fun)
Storytelling responses for the past 2 weeks (yeah...I slacked off a bit on that >.<)
Candidate Retreat (always a good time)
Apologizing the Mike for missing E-council yesterday (Sorry!)
McNair's Final Report (almost there!)
Coop Report to Kathy Ozminkowski
Strategy and Policy Project follow-ups
getting my Ipod Touch replaced (the Insurance company is about to send me the check)
reporting my broken Ipod (yup! the screen cracked)

and lunch (yum)

(I'm sure I'm forgetting other stuff--but I'll make do with this list for now)

1 comment:

Strlady said...

Looking forward to the updates!!


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