Thursday, January 8, 2009

Aliens vs. Vampires

So over vacation Ryan and I watched a show on Discovery Channel discussing Alien technology--sort of like evaluating laser guns and such. The show was funny but I asked him slightly panicky to change the channel before turning the TV off. (it's like watching a sickeningly sweet anime after watching Silence of the Lambs). He looked at me very weird but knowing that my overactive imagination causes me nightmares he agreed and we watched someother silly show. Two night's later I woke with a fever (I'll let you know baout my vacation once I get the pics on to my computer) in order to keep my mind off my night terror I pulled up the first episode of True Blood (It was a crappy version but it's a good view). I told Ryan that morning and he looked at me weird "you need to stay up a little later because of an alien show but vampires are good for watching?" wass along the lines of what he said.

That got me thinking--why would I be more afraid of Aliens in stead of Vampires--both are a sort of monster, both possess a certain inhuman quality, according to the pictures above they have pointy teeth and I would totally lose to fight against them in a dark alley. after thinking about it I figured out why I'm more afraid of Aliens than vampires, scientifically speaking the probability of Vampires existing versus the probability of Aliens existing is pretty low. Aliens hit a little to close to home for me (and I think I had been watching too much X-files) and I'm predispositioned for Aliens to be some unkillable forde of nature while general you are very capable of killing one.

pretty weird huh? (I wasn't kidding about the over active imagination)

I brought it to the lunch table as a conversation topic and then I realized how geeky my friends are.

what do you guys think?


Strlady said...

Never thought of it but I guess you are right. Vampires (if they existed) would still be earthlings with a sense of human nature and all that. They might still be monsters but romance novels have made us less suceptible to believe that they would harm us. Aliens on the other hand are not from around here and they bring a certain potential to cause harm to our normal existance. It's like the saying "the devil you know..."

Funny thing is that among both Vampires and Aliens, hollywood tends to be more on the fence with Aliens than with Vampires. ET, Close Encounters and Transformers vs Aliens, Species, Independence Day - Vampires have Bram's Dracula, Interview with a Vampire, Underworld, etc. They definitely like to consistently portray the Vampire as the more evil of the bunch.

BTW: If you liked True Blood I would recommend reading the books and not waist your time with the series. The series is all over the place while the book focuses on Sookie and how she gets herself in and out of very interesting situations. Excelllent series. I'm listening to the fourth book now and the narrator has a GREAT southern accent. Brings her to life.

Nora said...

aliens totally scarier than vampires. vampires are at least a pseudo-known quantity, while aliens...yeah. and, while a vampire may not make the same judgments about right, wrong, etc than you do, you can likely figure them out. trying to figure out what an alien thinks about those things? the potential for cultural missunderstanding? GAHHH....

Lanie Jane said...

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