Thursday, January 8, 2009

Grad School Update

up to date check list:

Biz Gov't Mini Paper writing
Storytelling responses for the past 2 weeks
McNair's Final Report
Coop Report to Kathy Ozminkowski
getting my Ipod Touch replaced (UPDATE: I'm in a stack of 30 people to get my stuff--2 weeks tops)

ok... so not much was accomplished. >.<

So, the only thing that I need to do for my grad school's is to take my GMAT. If you knew me in High School, I was pretty much locked into studying for my SATs for a good 3-4 months (thanks mom *sarcasm*). Last quarter I was very good with my studying but because of the lack of calculators used in the test I was still very weak in the Math section (details of an event I can do--of geometry? not so much). So I have not take my GMAT's basically meaning that my applications that I have are pretty useless and I will not make my Round 2 deadline. >.<

My strategy now is to get back into the hang of studying, take my exam and hand in my applications for the final round-defer acceptance for a year-apply for next years financial aid-attend school. (this is of course hinging on the fact that I get accepted since a majority (3/5) of the schools are "strongly recommending" 2 years of experience prior to enrollment.

So now I'm on the look for a good Job for anyone with a major in Marketing and minor in Japanese Language and Culture. *crosses fingers*

It's hard to believe but I'm graduating in 134 days. >.< The stress is kicking in. Now's the time to buckle up and make that final dash to the finish line. Wish me luck!!

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Strlady said...

You might have hated it (studying for the SAT) but you got some pretty darn good scores off the bat!! No stress girl, working a year will give you levrage when you apply and they say.. "where's her experience?" You can say Worked a year here... and did a coop here... and voluteered in the marketing dept here... Better than saying "uh... no experience"


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