Friday, October 23, 2009

Houston Quilt Festival: Day 2

So I'm going to preface this parade of beautiful pictures from the exhibits with a mission I had going to the festival (beyond losing copious amounts of money to quilt vendors).

The day before we set off on our adventure, I was excitedly telling everyone my plans for the weekend at my work's break room. Beyond the initial shock that I was excited to go to a quilt show, everyone thought it was pretty cool. Except for one person who chuckled at me and mocked quilting as square patches being sewn together. I believe the words "What's the challenge in that?" came out of his mouth (of course it has to be a guy who thinks that).

As the daughter of a quilter and a quilter myself now, I took offense and decided I would take magnificent photos and return to prove him wrong. This years exhibitions were excellent and I definitely proved him wrong *cackles*

Sometimes, I was so shocked that what these people used was actually fabric and thread (sometimes a dab of fabric paint) and not a canvas with pens, pencils and oils.

I loved this one because it looked like a clear picture but  the piecing was so simple.

That's a little white felt-like fiber in the eye to make it look real!

This traditional quilt with some crazy attention to detail. At a distance you think, a medallion quilt that has an ohio star.  but upon closer inspection.....

There's also stars in the patchwork. And that scalloped edge that you think is applique....try again my friend.

Those are itty bitty pieces of fabric laid juuuussst right for there to be that illusion.

The talent that was displayed in the exhibits was incredible. I'll let them speak for themselves. These were some of my favorites.

There was this bedazzled beauty.

Fabric! That was the only medium used for this quilt.

I'm so impressed!  Look at the teeth close up.

 Wow....The attention to detail of this one just blew me away.

This one triggered a whole bunch of high school memories since my favorite teacher's classroom had this as a poster on her wall. The triangles on the girls dress actually are not sewn into the quilt. What a great idea!

This one really stuck with me because it reminded me of the modern art piece in a sea of traditional. You never think about the close up of a quilt block. I think this was too cool.

This is so beautiful. I thought about how great it was to capture this moment on a quilt.

I'm closing this post with my favorite entry from the doll exhibit. Who doesn't want these cuties crawling out of their Grim's book. :)

I had a great time and I can't wait to go next year! (I'm determined to go.)

--signing off for now--

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Brenda said...

Amazing! I'm speechless....


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