Friday, October 30, 2009

*sigh* why?!

It is a well known fact amongst my friends and family that I have a disturbing weird *ahem* unique habit of giving inanimate objects names, personalities, or all of the above. 
There was that one incident with Spot the daffodil....

. *cough* anyways.....

Meet Akai. Kai (kah-yee) for short. This is what I got during the Cash for Clunkers hysteria. Akai means Red in Japanese--I thought it would be appropriate. I mean, look at it! Shiny, Unused, most definately red, and until last Wednesday unblemished.

That was when I had the sad and unfortunate event of getting into an accident. I got rear-ended at a yield (is it just me or does rear-ended just sound raunchy? I had to stop from giggling or feeling dirty whenever I had to explain what happened)

THIS was the result of the altercation. *whimper* All I thought was--my poor baby car!! After the accident and getting home, I felt the urge to hug my car, apologize for the guy that didn't stop or at least slow down at the yield and of course--use duct tape (a car's version of a bandaid in my opinion) to make it all better. My mom convinced me not to do the last of those things. After a quick patch up and re-attachment of the bumper, I drove my car until Monday when I left it at the body shop to get all shiny again. Geico was great about taking care of everything and even got my rental lined up by the time I arrived on Monday. They're also making sure that my case of whip lash is for sure undercontrol before closing the incident. (bless all doctors and their perscription of muscle relaxants, perscription aleve and souped up bengay)--back to my car.

Now I don't proclaim to be omniscient and all powerful in the way of cars-- but two seconds after getting into my rental, a PT cruiser, I decided that despite the cute exterior--the PT cruiser is one of the worst rides ever (that sounds raunchy too now--doesn't it?!).

[No PT Cruiser picture available since seeing it, never mind documenting it, was a waste of time and effort for the very , in my opinion, evil car]

Thankfully, I got a call this morning to pick up my baby and have it happily parked out front. :D

(picture of the happy jeep parked out front coming soon)

--happy to never see a PT cruiser again--


Strlady said...

Kai is looking pretty once again and CLEAN too!! All shiny and stuff! She is now hardened to life's unexpected twists. Your baby is growing up!

Daniel Bobo said...

Rear ended by one of the lamest cars ever. That sucks.

Brenda said...

OK so I would not have thought of raunchiness until you mentioned it and then I couldn't stop laughing. You're so bad! LOL! See? if you jumped the curve you could have gotten out of the idiot's path and he would not have ruined your paint job. "Jumping the curve, it's a good thing" Martha would say, LOL!


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