Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ugly Fabric Challenge

Something else I forgot to mention that happened this past weekend was my visit to a new quilt shop. and while I did not find anything that I needed (I was looking for a specific gray and a specific solid) I did discover a challenge that I immediately went for.

The Ugly fabric challenge starts with a fabric that hasn't been loved by many of the shops customer. You pick a yard of "ugly" fabric from a grab bag pile and have to make something with it by October where all participants will have their quilts on display. *note* when the term "ugly" is used in relations to this challenge it actually means yardage that hasn't been moving quickly in the shop.

This will be the first time I've put my quilt out into a physical public forum. So I had DM pick out a bag from the pack and sighed a breath of relief with what I got.

I got a yard of Plume by Tula Pink for $2!!! I immediately scoured the place for a pink to start my palette and above is what I left with. 

I've been auditioning a few patterns and sketching a few out in my handy Moleskine but decided for further inspiration I just NEEDED to head over to Cabbage Rose and see what they got. 

I now have a full palette to sink my teeth into and start designing something. DM keeps on saying "you don't need to use the initial yardage as your focus fabric" but I'm determined to keep in the spirit of the challenge and really focus on the "ugly" fabric. Instead of the browns that are in the plume line I decided to add some deep plum purples to the mix for some variety. 

Wish me luck!!

--dreaming of what she'll make as she types--

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