Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

was a busy busy weekend for my sewing machine!!

This upcoming Friday, DM and I will be attending a Harriet Hargrave--Machine Quilting workshop and quilt retreat hosted by Connecting Threads.

This means we had not only a list of materials to get but also had to prep some blocks to practice the new found skills.

Disregard the 7 blocks of another project I'm working on (shiloh--more of that later in this posts!)

We needed two simple pieced blocks and an applique..... Bet you can't guess which ones are mine and which one belongs to DM!!!

I wasn't feeling the applique bug so I designed cut and sewed this guy up in about 2 hours (I didn't even bother giving the sheep or bird eyes yet!)

After making sure all the required pieces for the retreat was done, I went on to cut up an new project as a back up to Shiloh during the retreat. Here's a peek at the cutting station after I was done. 

I'll give you one hint to describe my next project it starts with "g" and ends in "reen". 

Once I finished cutting up all that I moved forward and made another 4 blocks of Shiloh and started another 3. 

it's coming together so well!! If only the pile of blocks to be finished wasn't so intimidating!

It feels like I'll never finish!!!!!!

--feeling accomplished--

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