Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Pictures and Shameless Plugging

Check out one of my campaign photo's! I'm really excited about the team created for Global Union elections! Meet Sayali (to my right) and Diego (to my left); vice president candidate and secretary candidate respectfully.

Global Union is a Major Student Organization (MSO) it is primarily dedicated to representing International Students on Campus as well as supporting the various culture clubs on campus.

I have actually known about Global Union for the past 3 years having known members of it's E-board since then. A close friend of mine was President of Global Union last year. 2 weeks ago I was hired as the Director of Internal Relations. I'm in the unique position of being both in the organization and understanding all the nuts and bolts but new enough to it to still bring in new ideas. XD

We just got permission to start campaigning. Posters and Flyers are in the making. YAY!

Beyond the politics but still slightly within them -- as stated in my previous post, I attended a military ball last Saturday.
One of my closest friends here at RIT is in the Army ROTC program and I was honored with being his escort. More than seeing all the guys dressed in their uniforms -- I was excited about getting all dressed up (cut me some slack--I'm a girl after all).

DM (Dear Mother) sent me my dress, I got some hair doo-dads and got the dress rehemmed (I tore it on my senior prom night).

After countless hours ironing the dress and then suckering Eleanor into finishing it, I looked great.

Check it out!



Strlady said...

Love the Pics!!! Your hair turned out so wonderful!!
And... Good Luck on your candidacy!

Seth C. Burgess said...

Is that Paul Webb? I think he was a 2nd year cadet when I finished ROTC.

dre-chan said...

Yup! That's Paul. :) He's a 3rd year now.

TJessy said...

Looks like top model!! Gotta love the dream team!!


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