Monday, April 28, 2008

3 in one day...I'm on a roll--yes?

I've decided that from now one I am going to read one article from the newspaper everyday. Thanks to the fact that Pepper, my shih-tzu, was potty trained when I lived at home in New Hampshire I would end up reading an article a day just because I was always around it.

When I first came to RIT I never read the news unless I HAD to for a class. when I eventually got my Co-op last summer I also started to read the news again, this time in the mornings and during lunch to keep myself up to date. (during that time my aunt called me her personal news anchor since I would tell her about whatever had happened that day).

Upon returning to RIT the college readership program was kicked off. FREE NEWSPAPERS!! however I used this luxury for the wrong reasons--ie: sudoku and crossword when I was going into a long meeting. Today the front head line struck me and I decided for the first time that I will take one just to read.

This Article is what I read today. I found it so disheartening to see such a good cause getting such a bad name.

there have been times in my life that I believe I could make a difference and ended up only hitting a brick wall. It's upsetting to read about something like this and someone else with a bigger and greater cause not being able to succeed.

To think that If I hadn't decided to pick up the paper today I would not have been able to read about this--thus my newest goal to read an article a day.

--signing off for now--

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