Thursday, April 24, 2008

to agree....or disagree... that is the question

I apologize for my lack of posting last week (midterms kinda blow) XP

surprisingly enough with Presentations going on in Professional Selling rather than be inspired by this class I have found inspiration outside of the classroom. (ooohhhh ahhhh)


This week started off with a rather tired start, especially since Midterms last week kicked my sorry bum. So imagine as I'm walking in my post-midterm haze and I notice students (as in plural) wearing obnoxiously green shirts with the white text on it proudly proclaiming "I agree with Josh"

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

Initially I shrug it off...maybe this is a weird frat this that greek council is doing...I didn't know and basically I was too tired and needed to get to Japanese as soon as possible to care.

Then...I saw more god, they were congregating EVERYWHERE!! By Tuesday I was practically foaming at the mouth to figuring out what these T-shirts were--who's Josh? why do you agree with him? does he like puppies over kittens? if so, I gotta get one of them shirts.

So finally in Business Ethics during our break I lasso'd myself a green "I agree with Josh" T-shirt clad boy and asked what it meant.

Josh is an RA at RIT who is a very religious baptist. The T-shirts were proclaiming his testimonial that is set yo be read tomorrow behind Gracies.

Go figure that this just happens to coincide with the GLBT community's "day of silence". >.<
I believe in one true God,
Existing as three in the Father, Son and Spirit.
Sin separates us from God,
Yet God loves all.
His Son Jesus Christ lived a sinless life,
Died on a cross to pay for our sins,
And rose from the dead, conquering sin and death
To make relationship with God possible.
Humans cannot earn salvation.
It is a gift of God's grace
Through faith in Christ alone.
I almost choked when I read this....isn't this basically a "cliffnotes" of the Nicene creed?the classic "profession of faith"? what is this person going to say that hasn't already been told to me in scripture, church, and ccd? If this is it...the what is the big deal with this so called Josh movement?

I immediately became a non-fan of "i agree with Josh" T-shirts--which were being sold for the discounted price of $3.

This is when I was introduced to the "I disagree with Josh" cool T-shirt just a facebook group. However I found that I disliked what they were saying as well.

I understood that some people were upset with this primarily because of the manner this group of Christian Fellowships chose to set about "spreading the light of the lord"(quoted from a blog of the organizers of this campaign. However, as a marketing major I can only see the pure gold this group struck upon--my fraternity has been trying to get their major event as a well known name on campus, here this group managed to singly in under a week make everyone on campus wonder and eventually ask the one question "who is josh?". I cannot be upset with this since I think our PR director od phi sigma pi would kill to have thought of this shirt, first.

Some people are upset that this "I agree with Josh" was put on the "Day of Silence" supported by GLBT clubs on campus. Understandable, however as a student leader I understand that RIT's system for reservations of rooms and services can easily have overlaps--I mean there are over 130 clubs on campus--their events are bound to overlap. It just happened that two direcly opposing groups had their major events on the same day--it is not the first time this has happened (*cough* Global Union and AALANA Collegiate Associtation *cough*).

I don't like that this "I disagree..." group is filled with people who are only disagreeing because of it is hip to not be a zealous believer of your faith.

In the end I decided I would join neither group...the agree with Josh camp was too centered around what this josh person had to say rather than what Christianity is. The disagree with Jsh camp was too ignorant and only used the bits of scripture that would make the I agree campaign look bad.

I decided I'd join another cause.....

'nuff said. : P

--signing off for now--

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Strlady said...

I agree w/ Rick Astley as well!!


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