Friday, May 16, 2008

It's increadible what a a Walt Whitman class can do


So...about 2 weeks ago my room mate took me aside and asked me a question I wasn't expecting her to ask.

"so....Dylan and I are gonna get married in about a week--can you be my witness/maid of honor?"

To give my room mate adn her fiancee now husband credit she really thought things through--I watched her and her fiancee go through the required motions of getting everything set up and organized as well as their planning for the future.

I personally would not be able to do this--but you need to know my roommate and her husband to understand that they are well capable of making this decision and probably making it work.

So yesterday they got married--I unfortunately could not attend but I found my replacement in the form of my best friend (thanks Jessie). I did however make a pretty wedding cake and the reception at B-dubs was a great reunion of my fraternity brothers to celebrate (to give them credit they were only moderately shocked at the news when I emailed then yesterday afternoon).

Congratulations Kristin and Dylan. :) hope the future is promising for both of you.


TJessy said...

They both look so cute! Think of all the money they saved?! Just know that your family will hunt your husband down if you ever do something like that, and you'd be a widow shortly after that... :o) XOXO

Strlady said...

Yeah... what T-Jessy said!

Kristin said...

I am the brand new bride described in the post, and wish me luck that my family will offer more mercy to us when we break the news! (No, we haven't told our parents yet... :/ )

Pumpkin Patch Primitives said...

OK, so I did this too, but I was 29! Hello, I was almost a Spinster,(guess what generation I belonged to...LOL!)! Now I would say to anyone under 30 doing this that they need a puppy dog. Kristen, you should have gotten a dog...what were you thinking? Not that you aren't the cutest little bride ever but you should not be surprised if your family disowns you. Nyshma would be in so much hot water snowcaps in Colorado would be in danger, a sure meltdown. After Tchoco finds the unlucky groom and roughs him up, Tsandy will give him the once over and I will arrange to dispose of whatever is left of him.
Yep, he'll be toast.... now if she needs company, we can arrange for a Puppy to be delivered shortly.=)


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