Monday, May 3, 2010

Pineapples. nummy-ness.

So, I mentioned a few weeks back that I was working on an anti-OCD buggy barn project.


I will confess to everyone of the 3-4 people reading this that I was sure that this was going to be my first UFO.

Let me walk you through the whole traumatic but in the end very satisfying process.

First I had to slash into a few layers of fabric then swap everything around. This was no trouble for me! It's the next step that drove me crazy. Once I had swapped everything around, based on the order the book gave me, I had to sew these un-even pieces together!

This is when everything went down hill.
If you like all your blocks looking the same then a buggy barn quilt is NOT for you. >.< (*note the very different widths shown above*)
not only was it frustrating to not have everything line up but it was also frustrating that I could chain piece ANYTHING. I had to work a whole block from beginning to end.
This gets very old, very quickly with 24 tops and bottoms.

So 48 blocks later I had bottoms and tops of pineapples. Now it was time to organize them. 

So right now then they didn't quite have the pineapple roundness but they looked pretty friggin cool right? The whole point of this step leads me to the next step in my frustration.

Once I had the matching tops I had to sew rectangles that I had already cut to the corners of my pineapples. 
This would be simple enough if it:
a. didn't take so long
b. wasn't so confusing to understand the first time around
c. didn't involve cutting only one piece of fabric from between two other one. (you won't understand this reason unless you make this quilt)

after 4 rectangles were sewn afore mentioned pieces were cut and the block ironed it was then smooth sailing. 

sew tops to bottoms (even if they aren't the same width), trim, and sew into rows of seven.

it's only after almost 2 months of struggling with this quilt to finally see it accomplished today. *sniff sniff*

I would like to thank the academy for making this moment possible *sniff*

This is quilt 6 of 13 for my bridal quilt set. My intention is to slap a border on this sucker and applique "welcome" to the bottom with some pretty embellished vines and call it done!

-making progress, and planning her next project--


Jess said...

Nice Work Nysh!! It looks awesome as it is!! Congrats on sticking w/ it and seeing it through to the end :o)

Brenda said...

You're a bigger quilter than I will ever be. Kudos to you! Absolutely amazing!

Lisa D. said...

I love your pineapples - that is a very cool quilt!

Nancy said...

great quilt... I am working on the stars and your aunt brenda sent me your link to see the pineapples...

Nora said...

I have never done paper-piecing (which i assume this is?) and it terrifies me. Pretty pretty quilt though.


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