Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pinwheel Quilt Along: Block One

On Sunday, I made PS I Quilt Pinwheel Quilt Along Block one!

It's beautiful!

but I learned something very important......

while the points may all match...the stretching that was done to accomplimsh it isn't the best.

I might be taking DM's advice and start over cutting the blocks then trimming them to guarantee that everything is the same measurements.
But it's so much work!!!!!


STRAWBERRY UPDATE: Does anyone know what to do when your strawberry plants wilt like this?

I'm having some issues, on Monday I left them out in the sun but for one reason or another in a matter of an hour or so they went from reaching all the way up to he sky to link stems. D:

I transferred them to different containers and I'm using the plant food mixed with water every other day (when I replanted them I realized they were being over-watered.) 

what else can I do?!!?!??

--signing off for now--


Brenda said...

Oh, I'm so sorry that I missed all your great posts. Go figure. I am offline and you go blog happy. Hello!?
Poor baby plants. I wish I had seen them earlier.
Strawberry plants are very resilient so don't toss them out! Don't add the food more than once a WEEK; that will burn them to a crisp. Hang in there...I think hey can still make it! B=)

Brenda said...

Helloooooo.....anybody out there????? Abandoned Blog Alert!


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