Sunday, March 14, 2010

Post Exam Happiness

After partaking in new beers and finding my way out of the haze of "is it really over?" post exam doubt, I got down to business and finished two quilts, started a new one and in general started finding other things to do with the time I now had for fun rather than reading one of three phonebook-sized books.
First of all, in the euphoric haze after my exam, I solidified plans with HTB for a trip to Boston. Which I'm going to in less than a week! *happy dance* He's officially done with school and we're celebrating!
after plans were settled, I busied myself with the usual.
This means I pieced a whoooollleee bunch of quilts.

Wild Things is officially done!! I floated both the pieced center AND the pieced border. (that's three borders if you weren't counting--in my opinion, while this is beautiful, my patience told me that it was two borders too many). 

I then finished trimming my Piece of Life blocks and sewed those suckers together too!!!! Here's the finished product.

Please take note of one singularly important thing about this super cute quilt. It is not the simple layout and fabric design nor is it that your truly finished it in 2 hours. 

Take note that there is no border!!! (didn't you just pay attention to what I told you about my Wild Things project?!)

After these two simple projects, I decided that I was ready for my next challenge.  It's a pattern from Buggy Barn's Gone Crazy  book.

I think it's complicated enough to work on. *nod*  not to mention it has challenged my OCD tendencies to keep blocks squared up. I've only pieced 2 blocks of 21, so I'll share more details about it in a future post. 

Beyond quilting, I've also started accumulating DVD/Blu-rays, here's what I've gotten so far. 

First I got Ponyo, I've already mentioned in a previous post, my obsession with Miyazaki films. So not long after this was purchased I got Kiki's Delivery Service. 

I first watched kiki's on Toonami movie Friday's back in the "good ol'days" where anime was played for 4 hours straight on cartoon network. *sigh* what happened?!
What ever it was it happened to FOX Kids, when they started phasing out Season's one and two of Digimon. 
I'm not bitter *cough* 

Along the same vein of Kiki's recent special edition release, I thought I might as well purchase My Neighbor Totoro. Alas, Walmart and Target decided that this 1988 animated feature wasn't worth being put into inventory. So today, to pacify my indignation that one of Miyazaki's masterpieces wasn't deemed worth on making it on to super store chain's inventory list. 

I went a bought myself The Last Unicorn. 

yes, I now have this in my DVD collection.

yes, I may or may not have an authographed cast of characters. 

yes, I'm still a 5 year old dressed up as a 22 year-old woman. >.<

--going to watch the last unicorn tonight no matter what you think :P --
--signing off for now--


Brenda said...

Love your quilts. When I grow up I am going to be a Super Piecer like you...but I will NOT be watching Anime, LOL! I will however eat Poky Sticks... hee-hee.

Nancy said...

Hey, your Aunt Brenda just sent me the link to your post. I just started the Wild Thing quilt. So far, I have 7 blocks finished...
I'm not a border person either.

What pattern is the Life quilt? I've never seen that one.

Love your Wild Thing!!


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