Monday, October 6, 2008

: D

So this is my with my boyfriend about 2 years ago at a friend's Christmas Party.

This is the beginning of Ryan and my fourth year of dating. We met on our dorm floor freshman year and since then we've been entertaining our near and dear ones with our banter. :)

Ryan and I are pretty much the opposite in every sense of the word. But for some reason we have always been able to get along really well.

Since I'm graduating this year-- and Ryan is a five year major. We've been discussing what to do. Never in these conversations was there a hint of engagements or getting married. It was more like--if I go to school here we could drive back and forth. Or--I'm in a semester system so I can visit during my breaks.

So imagine my surprise when Ryan and I made dinner Saturday evening and over dinner Ryan pulled this out. \/

Needless to say, I really couldn't think of a reason to say no.

Ryan despite his rough exterior--is really sweet with me (as my roommate/best friend/sister said to me once). And honestly--there was no one else I could imagine spending the rest of my life with. :)

I ,of course, had to get over the initial shock before Ryan asked if it was a yes. For the rest of the evening I spent my time staring at the ring and looking back at Ryan and going "Are you sure?" "Do you really know what this means?" "Are you crazy?" "You're crazy."

The rest of the evening was me telling my roommate/bestfriend/sister the news. I have never heard the phrase "Oh my gawd" used so repeatedly in a half hour.

The next day in celebration, Ryan and I went with some friends to Darien Lake Amusement Park.

It was Fright Fest so there was a Halloween theme to the whole place. (Did I mention Halloween is my favorite holiday?) After watching everyone go on The Predator (Rollercoasters aren't my thing) while everyone else went on the Ride of Steel(no way) Ryan took me to the pumpkin patch for some pumpkin painting. Guess which one belongs to me. :)

So after fun pumpkin painting and one of our friends loosing her cell to the Ride of Steel's pond. We continued through other rides. Now, I'm pretty much a wreck whenever I think about getting on a roller coaster. I'm always jealous of people who can get on them without having a panic attack in the line. I decided I'd try this roller coaster think one more time. So I found the tamest rollercoaster in the park. Called the Motocoaster (check it out here). I got on and now have a T-shirt. I'm still scared of rollercoasters--but I found one that I'm not THAT scared of. :) we played some games, got some tasty funnel cake (yum) and then for the closing events got to watch a great "Laser Spooktacular". It was a great ending to a pretty awesome weekend.

Next weekend is promising to be just as cool too! My mom is coming up for Brickcity Homecoming. WooHoo!!!

--extatic and signing off for now
dre :)


Strlady said...

Love the ring. Looks beautiful! Now, the pumpkin....

TJessy said...

I'll say, he did very well!! Congratulations! Now be sure to call your mom w/ all the details so she can pass them on :o)

Brenda said...

Woo-HOO!Congratulations! You have been smart not to invite him to any family gatherings... we might have scared him away, LOL!
Will you please tell me which pumpkin is yours? I NEED to know, it's driving me nuts!

dre-chan said...

my pumpkin is the smiling one in the middle.( the one that is only black and orange--what can I say? I'm a purist) I decided not to show Ryan's side of the pumpkin because he says it looks like a three year old did it. So he's making up for it by getting another one and carving it.


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