Wednesday, October 1, 2008

In an effort to delay more studying and GMAT prep

So as I've been running around finishing up or preparing for midterms I have decided to give myself a break to post here. Although if you want more upto date info on what I'm doing follow me here. (yes, I'm addicted.)

Lately I have spent my waking hours studying for my GMAT (I'm focusing on math right now), taking midterms (damn you Weeks 4-5), and doing TONS of research on Grad Schools.

I initially thought that I was not going to be able to actually apply this year as I didn't think I would be ready to take the GMAT in time for all the rounds of application deadlines that I had to fulfill. However thanks to the awesome people in the McNair's Scholar's program I have gotten all the info and support to continue my education right after graduation. (Thanks guys!) .

So without further ado! here are my 5 choices. (in no particular order)
  1. University of Texas at Autin-McComb's School of Business: I REALLLY like the instate tuition for this place. Not to mention they have this really interesting Double Degree MBA program that would let me get not only my UT MBA but also a MBA from another accredited school abroad. This means I could get an MBA at a University in China, Argentina....etc. Since I'm all about the international programs you know I was super excited to read about this! plus! beautiful weather all year round!

2. University of Virginia-Darden School of Business:
So I have always liked UVA. I actually applied to UVA when I was looking for a place to study my Undergrad (I was waitlisted). So UVA was a school that IMMEDIATELY came to when I started considering Grad Schools. IT helps that I can get an MBA and an MA in East Asian Studies at the same time--did I mention that the weather in Virginia has gotta be better that RIT temperatures?

3. Cornell University-Johnson Graduate School of Management
I have a few brothers up in Cornell who can only say good things about their lovely campus. Looking into the Business School tipped me off on to the AWESOME study aboard opportunities that are specifically business oriented--the best part is that it's over vacations that these are normally happening. I could go to Prague to look at the budding economy or even do a tour of South Korea and Japan. downside--I'm sure it has the possibility of being colder than RIT. :(

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology- Sloan School of Management: Ok, so MIT kinda sold me on the fact that it's in BOSTON! :) I decided I should look more into schools where everything is accesible to me. RIT is kinda in the middle of nowhere. I want to be able to Bike to a museum or take a bus across town with little to no hassle. MIT's business School is one of the best in the country and I think I like the environment that Tech schools have a tendency to exude. :) They also have this G-lab program in the MBA that lets me do a project over seas with a company.

5. Georgetown-McDonough School of Business:

I'm a bit concerned about this school as I realize that I am "strongly recommended" to have 2 years of experience under my belt in order to be eligible for application. I visited this school about a year ago to see my step sister. She is in their undergrad program. I really like the location of Georgetown--the opportunities to network would be endless and I really like that. So far I haven't finished looking into it since I need to talk with someone from admissions about the "2 years work experience".

I'm thinking if Georgetown is a no go I will have to start all over to find a fifth school to apply for. :(

I can't believe that it's only Wednesday! It feels like the week should be over rather than only halfway through. >.<

I shall now return to my treacherous study session (I hate reading my text books!) But I shall return with tales of my late week/weekend adventures!!

--signing off for now!

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