Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I've been tagged!!!! :D

So I just got back from an IRG (International Resource Group) Luncheon, where I gave a small presentation with 3 other College of Business Students about studying abroad. It was pretty great!

I'll post a blog later today about my weekend and what I have been up to since my last post. My mom reviews books on her blog. I was catching up with her when I realized that she "tagged" me to write 7 random things about myself. So, here it goes.

1. I am an introvert. I know that for someone that is so involved in the school community this sounds insane but after a long day of E-board meetings, classes, project meetings and networking I'm exhausted to the core of my being. I don't get energy from a group of people. I love meeting people and putting myself out there--but If you gave me the choice to spend a weekend alone reading good books with no human interaction or a weekend filled with friends parties and events--I'd go for the book reading in solitude. It's probably why my best friend and I get along so well.

2. While I love anime and going to conventions--I hate the fans. I realize that I was one of those people when I first got into anime but my tastes matured and so did the way I show my enjoyment. I go to anime cons in cosplay (damn good ones too!), but I'm not running around like a 2 year old on a bag of pixie sticks. And I am most definately not asking dumb questions to voice actors as if they were the legit 2D character. >.< I can not STAND some of the people that go to anime con who are older than me but act like 6 year old, "Oh my god! like, you like (insert pairing here) well I like (insert inverse pairing here) I totally hate you and, like, we can't be friends."

3. I love to write. Limericks help me pass the time. If you look at my note books or napkins you can discern how bored I was by the quantity of limericks or poems that are written there (You should look a handout my Japanese Culture teacher gave me in Japan--the popor thing never had a chance). Now I said I love writing--not that I was good at it. My writing is pretty raw and unrefined--I think it and I write it. I refuse to go back and fix anything. On this train of though it leads to my next one...

4. I'm doing NaNoWriMo in November. Wish me luck!!! :)

5. I will listen to anything--any genre of music has a good chance of being on my Ipod. I have filled my whole entire 16gig Ipod with audio books, rap, country, wizard rock, j-pop, j-rock, emo, hard rock, classic rock...and it goes on, and on.

6. I hibernate. While I'm sure many of you thought that this was only done by bears and other wildlife--I also participate in this. I hate hate HATE the cold. This is pretty weird since I lived in New England for most of my life, and I go to school in Rochester, NY (where hell has legitimately frozen over). I will disappear off the face of the social scene starting winter quarter and not ending till the middle of spring quarter. I show up for classes, and the occasional meeting--but if it involves me walking in cold temperatures I have a tendency to skip it.

7. I have never attended a wedding, or at least I don't remember attending one (I was told that I attended my uncle's 2nd wedding). This is funnier even now because I'm engaged and besides some basic knowledge that you learn from TLC's bridezillas and A wedding story--I don't know where to start. Last year Jessie and Eleanor walked me through the whole "wedding dates" and my head spun. @.@

That's it!!!

Request for "7 random things" is to Jessie's blog (Dazed and Confused) and Eleanor (Dammit Universe)

That's it!!

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Strlady said...

Excellent Post! I never realized you had never attended a wedding as a YA. I also didn't know you signed up for NaNoWriMo. I checked out the site and it is a great idea! I looked at the authors and there are so many. What is your 'author name'??


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