Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Isn't he so handsome? lol. So since the last time I've posted my mom has visited, I had the weekend of insanity that included Nova Academy, 2 banquets, an E-board meeting and a business meeting, and last week where I traversed back to New England for the scenery, my aunt's trip to Keene's Pumpkin Festival and My best friend/sister's 21st birthday.

While mom was here we sought out some colorful foliage (Texas doesn't get the shiny colored trees we get up here). Alas--this is what we got instead. It was great to show my mom around campus and introduce her to people and places that I have familiarized myself with since she last came (Brickcity--my Freshman year).

I also had the dreaded "Parent's Dinner" with Ryan and his folks. It went painless. We ate at Edoya--yummy! and for dessert sent the men folk out for something tasty--AKA Wegman's fruit tart pastry (note to self--get one for myself at a later date).

The picture at the top is one from Phi Sigma Pi's Banquet--it was our 10th Year aniversary so people went all out! We had delicious cake from Jon John's, a local rochester bakery that makes delicious goodies, and champagne during the toast. It was a great success and I commend our Alumni Committee and Social Committee for getting this all set up. (it was great guys!)
Here's a picture of my family line. :)The Day after PSP's Banquet I had the Orientation Assistants Reunion Banquet and got my 3 years of service pin. (GO ME!)

After a hellish weekend composed of 3 tests (uuuuuuggghhhh). I left for New England.

I went to Keene Pumpkin festival with both my Aunts, cousin and grandmother and saw these cool pumpkins!!!!

So after fabulous Pumpkin viewing these AWESOME pumpkins I traversed for an celebratory 21st drink at Midnight with Jessie.
(Happy Birthday girlie!)

--signing off for now

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